Inguinal Hernia

Mini ScarLess(MSL)

Expert surgeon’s innovative hernia repair surgery enables patient to run London marathon

Individuals from different walks of life experiencing the same condition, with different outlooks reached out to Adjunct Clinical Professor Amir Nisar, Consultant General Surgeon at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis to seek a possible solution for their health condition.

Dr. Ghulam Naroo, a 59-year-old Pakistani national, residing in Dubai for 20 years and a 28-year young Emirati national, found the solution for Inguinal Hernia at FUH’s Surgical Institute.

Dr. Naroo and the young Emirati gentleman, both practised active lifestyles. While Dr. Naroo was extremely invested in sports, a marathon runner even, the Emirati national thrived on excelling in his profession and considered physical activity a crucial part of his personal and professional life.

Dr. Naroo had experienced mild symptoms for over 2 years, which he did not take into much consideration until it began hindering his running. He had a lump in the right side of his groin that seemed to have increased in size over the past years.

The young Emirati, on the other hand experienced pain for 2/3 months and called for medical assistance when the pain became severe and led to a point where he had to stop engaging in exercise and other physical activities.

“I experienced discomfort and occasional bouts of severe pain for a while before I got myself checked. However, the relief I have now is unexplainable. I lead a very active lifestyle and only got checked when the discomfort hindered with my physical fitness. Thanks to Prof. Amir Nisar and his team, the post operative period for me was very smooth. Running a marathon 3-month post-surgery is evidence of how quicky I got back to my routine life. It’s never too late to get checked, but it’s imperative to get yourself checked if you feel anything unusual,” said Dr. Naroo.

Post consultation with Professor Amir Nisar, Consultant General Surgeon, and 3 months post the minimally invasive inguinal Hernia Repair surgery, Dr. Naroo ran the London Marathon of 42.5KM. Such an activity requires rigorous training, that he did successfully owing to minimal recovery time and fast recovery phase. This was possible due to the use of latest surgical technology combined with Prof. Amir’s surgical finesse and expertise.

Like Dr. Naroo, the young Emirati, prior to his surgery said, “I want a surgery that will allow me to start exercising soon”. With the aim to have him return to his routine and fitness as soon as possible, a successful minimally invasive Mini Scar Less Inguinal Hernia Repair surgery was performed at Fakeeh University Hospital’s Surgical Institute. He was able to begin light exercises a week after surgery. Extremely happy with the surgery results, the young Emirati said,” I’ve had a wonderful experience with Prof. Amir, a great listener and wonderful surgeon. All the staff were helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery and follow up. Thanks to Prof. Amir and his professional team, everything was beyond my expectation.”

About the Condition – Inguinal Hernia & Surgery

Hernia is a common health condition that can’t be prevented, only treated. Once a hernia has been diagnosed, in most cases one will require surgical treatment. Inguinal hernia generally becomes symptomatic over time.

FUH’s Surgical Institute combines clinical excellence and expertise with state-of-the-art technology to aid the highest standard of patient experience. Only the most experienced surgeons specializing in hernia surgery, knowledgeable of the latest techniques and excellent expertise can successfully perform this surgery.

The surgery performed on both patients is called Laparoscopic MiniScarLess (MSL) TEP (Totally Extra Peritoneal) operation, the gold standard of Hernia repair is exclusively offered at FUH’s Surgical Institute. Mini-Scar-Less Totally Extraperitoneal repair (MSL TEP) is the only surgical approach for hernia repair which generally doesn’t require any post op restrictions on exercise or mobility. Avoiding abdominal penetration during surgery, this technique helps patients experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, early return to driving, work, travel, and exercise; recovery period being very less, and the incisions made during the surgery become close to invisible within a month.

Prof. Amir specialises in Hernia surgeries and has performed over 6000 successful Hernia surgeries. He has developed various innovative techniques to manage complex hernia cases. The latest technique developed being, MSL Inguinal Hernia Repair is the first in the world.

Post-surgical intervention, patients are mostly always pain free and can go back home the same day.

The rate of recurrence in hernia cases is less than one in 100 patients, however with this kind of a specialized surgery, the rate of recurrence can be said to be 1 in 1000-3000 in the hands of an expert surgeon. There aren’t many restrictions in the post operative period after MSL TEP surgery, however it is advised to go ahead with routine activity basis during recuperation; there are individual preference for each patient. There may be specific cases when patients are asked to lay off certain things – like lifting heavy weights for a specific period to ensure complete recovery.